Bob Xu

Mr. XU Xiaoping is the Founder of ZhenFund. He is also known as one of the China's pioneering angel investors, with distinctions from The Founder Magazine as "2010 Most Respected Angel Investor", "2011 Angel Investor of the Year", "2012 Best Angel Fund in China" and "2013 Best Angel investor in China". 

Prior to founding ZhenFund, Mr. Xu was a Co-Founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU), the largest provider of private education in China. He is highly regarded among college students and considered a legendary figure by millions of young Chinese students studying abroad who were influenced by his writing, teaching and speeches. 

In 2006, China Southern People's Weekly voted Mr. Xu to be one of China's "50 Most Charismatic People" and in 2004, Forbes Magazine listed Mr. Xu as one of China's "Top 100 Celebrities". 

Victor Wang 

Mr. WANG Qiang is the Co-Founder of ZhenFund. He is also a famous collector and lover of rare books. Mr. Wang is not only a well respected business man, but also a well-known humanities and philosophy scholar. As such, Mr. Wang is ZhenFund's Director of Entrepreneurial Thought and frequently advises portfolio companies on their mission and vision.

Prior to ZhenFund, Mr. Wang was the Co-Founder of New Oriental Education & Technology Group (NYSE: EDU), the largest provider of private education in China. He served as Vice President and Chairman of the Board of Directors at New Oriental and established New Oriental's spoken English division. His popular English classes were reported in-depth by Time Magazine in 2000. Mr. Wang also hosted a popular TV show called "From Word to the World", which was widely broadcasted on more than 30 channels in China.  

Zhang Yazhe
ZhenFund Board Member and Venture Partner. Prior to ZhenFund, Mr. Zhang managed
New Oriental Technology and Education Group's Public relations, Branding, Media and
Market departments respectively. He was also the Operating Director of New Oriental's
Research Institute for Education, Culture and Overseas Study. He currently serves as a
council member for 21 Century's Education Research Institute and as an advisor to
Boyu Capital. He participated in establishing the Private Education Institute at Peking
University and Peking University's China Capital Research Center. He has also served
as an investment advisor to Providence Capital China.
Anna Fang

Ms. Anna Fang is the General Manager of ZhenFund, where she is responsible for ZhenFund's investments and operations for both the RMB and USD funds. Anna has invested in over 50 internet and education companies since ZhenFund's collaboration with Sequoia Capital China.

Before joining ZhenFund, Ms. Fang was an Associate at GE China responsible for corporate business development initiatives. Ms. Fang started her career as an investment banker at J.P. Morgan. She serves as a Board member for several internet start-ups in China and is also an Advisory Board Member of Columbia University's East Asia Center. She received her undergraduate degree from Columbia University in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration from Stanford's Graduate School of Business. 

April Dong
April has worked with Xu Xiaoping as his assistant since 2007, and was ZhenFund's
earliest team member. She graduated in 2008 with a B.A. from Beijing Normal
University. In 2010, she completed Columbia's University's one year American
Language Program.
Tayler Cox
Tayler graduated from Stanford University in 2010 with a B.A. in Human Biology and an
M.S. in Management Science and Engineering. She particpated in Lightspeed Ventures
Summer Grant Program in 2008 at a TMT startup she co-founded with several
classmates. She moved to China in 2010 to study Chinese at BLCU and joined
ZhenFund in early 2011.
Chenwen Yuan

Ms. Chenwen Yuan is the Founder Relations Manager of ZhenFund. She is responsible for both deal sourcing and portfolio management, providing founder services in areas such as strategy and recruiting. 

Prior to ZhenFund's establishment, Ms. Yuan was Mr. Xu Xiaoping's Investment Assistant and coordinated over 30 of his early stage angel investments. She also oversees ZhenFund's relationships with overseas student communities. She graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Finance & Marketing from Boston University. 

Grace Gu
Prior to ZhenFund, Grace worked as investment analyst in Shanda Innovations. She
graduated in 2010 with B.A. in Accounting and Finance from the University of Hong
Daniel Wu
Before joining ZhenFund, Daniel worked in Deloitte's TMT group and participated in
several intertnet sector audits, including Renren,, and Nuomi. He started his
career in FiveMinutes as a game data analyst, and attended the University of Toronto
Rotman School of Management, where he received a B.A in Commerce.
Luna Wang
Prior to ZhenFund, Luna managed PR strategy and marketing for the CEO of Beijing
Rongyao Media. She is an experience PR Professional, having built her career in the
PR department for New Oriental Education and Technology's flagship Beijing Campus.
Haifei Zhang
In addition to being an investment professional, Haifai also manages ZhenFund's
outreach and entrepreneur relations in the United States. He is currently a P.h.D
candidate in Electrical Engineering at Harvard University.


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